Terms of Service

  • Preamble:

    The company SOLDE DIRECTE, provides on its site www.Solde Directe.com (hereinafter the “Site”) a Marketplace called “SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace” allowing individuals acting in their personal capacity, as a consumer, and having opened an account on the Site (hereinafter the “Buyers”), to be put in touch with professional sellers, having also opened an account on the Site (hereinafter “Sellers”), in order to buy new products or second-hand goods and services (hereinafter the “Products”).

    As part of SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace, SOLDE DIRECTE will act as a simple intermediary and host the offers of Products offered by Sellers registered on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace.

    SOLDE DIRECTE is in no way reseller of the Products offered by the Sellers on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace. The Products sold on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace are clearly indicated on the product sheets, either by the mention “Sold by XXX”, with the mention “SELLER PRO” associated with the name of the Seller.

    Note: some Products purchased from Sellers may be shipped by SOLDE DIRECTE. The Products concerned will be marked “sold by XXX and shipped by SOLDE DIRECTE”.

    1 / Scope of the GENERAL TERMS OF USE SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace These SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace general terms of use apply to all orders of Products made by a Buyer from a Seller on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace. The SOLDE DIRECTE Terms of Use applicable are those in force on the day of the placing of the order by the Buyer. The placing of any order via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace is subject to full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use.

    2 / Order process
    2.1 / Purchasers may order the Products offered on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace as long as the offers are visible on the Site.

    The offers are filled by the Sellers, the latter being solely responsible for the completeness of the description provided and the conformity of the proposed Product to the said description.
    When writing their offers, the Sellers must specify the status of each product they offer for sale (New, Opportunity etc ..).
    Note: It is up to the Vendors to provide any useful clarification as to the exact condition of the products they offer for sale on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace. The responsibility of SOLDE DIRECTE can not be committed in the hypothesis where the state of the product received by the Buyer does not correspond to the state indicated by the Seller during the creation of his product.
    The price of each Product is indicated excluding shipping costs, in the product description, on the quotation line corresponding to the selected Seller. If applicable, the delivery costs are added to the price of the Product before final validation by the Buyer, and are freely fixed by the Seller.
    Note: For Sellers offering the “Immediate withdrawal in store” delivery, the delivery times indicated on the product sheet are indicated by the Sellers and are the sole responsibility of the Sellers.

    2.2 / By clicking on the “Buy” icon during the ordering process, and after having read the General Conditions of Sale and the Seller’s return policy indicated by the latter via its Seller shop, checked the content of the order and, if necessary, after having modified it, the Buyer declares to accept fully and without reserve the entirety of the present general conditions of use SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace.
    Note: The Seller alone determines the content of its Terms and Conditions of Sale and its
    Return policy. The responsibility of SOLDE DIRECTE can not be engaged as for the contents of the General Conditions of Sale and the Return Policy of the Seller

    2.3 / After confirming the content of the order (double click) and accepting the present general conditions of use, and its obligation to pay the order, the Buyer will definitively validate his order by his actual payment. The order will be valid and taken into account only from the payment of the price of the Product.

    Note: The sale concluded between the Buyer and the Seller is subject to the resolutory condition that the Product is available. The Buyer is informed of the availability of the product and acceptance of the order by the Seller by sending an email Order Validation.

    2.4 / Buyers can make payment by credit card cash or 4 times, PayPal. To use PayPal, Buyers must have an account with PayPal. In case of payment by PayPal, it is the terms of use of Paypal that apply.

    The payment of orders placed via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace is made to SOLDE DIRECTE who cash funds on behalf of the Seller.

    Any order from a Buyer who has not fully paid or a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is being administered may be refused.

    2.5 / SOLDE DIRECTE will systematically confirm the taking into account of the order with each Buyer by e-mail. Once the confirmation of the order confirmed, the order data will remain accessible in the “My Orders” section of the Site.

    2.6 / SOLDE DIRECTE has developed a partnership with the company FIA-NET to protect the buyers, when they pay their order by credit card, against any risk of usurpation of this method of payment and to prevent unpaid. The mission of FIA-NET is to verify that the Buyer is the origin of orders placed in his name via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace and therefore his personal information and / or banking have not been usurped.

    As part of this control, FIA-NET may have to ask the Buyer for the communication of certain documents (Ex: copy of the identity card, proof of address). The Seller will not be able to proceed with the shipment or making available in the store of the order until the Buyer has sent the requested documents to FIANET.

    The documents sent to FIA-NET are kept by it for a period of 13 months. Once this period has elapsed, the communicated documents are systematically destroyed by FIA-NET.

    Please note: Shipping or placing in the warehouse of the order by the Seller depends on the period under which the Buyer will provide the requested documents to FIA-NET. It is therefore possible that the order is delivered or made available in the store after the deadline indicated on the product sheet on the day of placing the order.

    Neither the Seller, nor SOLDE DIRECTE can be held responsible for delivery or delivery delayed or canceled in the event that the Buyer refuses to provide the requested documents.

    2.7 / SOLDE DIRECTE informs the Seller that an order concerning one or more of its Products has been made by a Buyer. The Seller has forty-eight (48) business hours to cancel or confirm the availability of the Products and accept the order. SOLDE DIRECTE then communicates by e-mail to the Buyer the availability or unavailability of the Products ordered.

    2.8 / If the Seller confirms the availability of the Products, the contract of sale is definitively concluded between the Seller and the Buyer. Upon confirmation by the Seller, the Buyer shall be debited with the amount of the Products available; it is in no case charged Products indicated as unavailable by the Seller.

    In the absence of a response on the availability of the Products within forty-eight (48) working hours after notification to the Seller of the order by SOLDE DIRECTE, the order is automatically canceled, and the account of the Buyer will not be debited the amount of Products of the order.

    The Seller is solely responsible in the event of unavailability of the Product of which he alone has control.

    2.9 / If the seller confirms the availability of a Product / Products (even partially in the event that he refuses a part of the Products), he undertakes to ship and deliver or, where applicable, to make available in store, in the indicated, the Products available in accordance with the terms and conditions selected by the Purchaser specified in Article 3 below and to confirm the shipment of the Product (s) within forty-eight (48) business hours on its Vendor interface.

    2.10 / The Buyer is invited to evaluate the Seller’s performance on his Customer Area.

    3 / Shipping and delivery
    The set of deadlines announced for the delivery or the availability in store of the Products proposed by Sellers is calculated in working days and is informed directly by the Sellers. The deadlines indicated correspond to:
    – For home delivery and delivery point withdrawal processing times, preparation and shipping orders, and the delivery time of the carrier used by the Seller.
    – For the availability in store processing times and order preparation.

    The deadlines mentioned above run as soon as the availability of the ordered Product is validated.
    The Buyer chooses among the delivery methods that are proposed for each Product, knowing that from a given amount, certain delivery methods are no longer eligible.

    Products purchased from SOLDE DIRECTE partner sellers can be delivered in the following ways:
    • In home delivery: the order is sent to the address indicated by the Buyer. 3 delivery options may be proposed by the seller: Normal, tracking and recommended
    (against signature) o For a product of an amount inferior or equal to 30 000 FCFA TTC: you can order in follow-up, recommended or in normal if the Seller proposes this mode of delivery;
    o For a product with an amount over 30 000 FCFA TTC you can only order tracking or recommended (against signature);
    • In-store delivery: the order is delivered to the Seller’s store. The Buyer can pick up his order, as soon as the Seller has received it in his shop. When the product is available in store, the Buyer receives an email warning that he can come to withdraw his product.
    • In Immediate Withdrawal: the Buyer can come to withdraw his order, just after the purchase on the site, in the store of the Seller The delay of provision of the Product will be indicated to the Buyer in the email of Validation of order . The Buyer will receive a second email in which will be specified the opening hours and the address of the store .. The product is available in store, no shipping will be applied.
    • In withdrawal point So Colissimo and worldwide Relay®: The order is delivered in point withdrawal. The Buyer comes to withdraw his parcel in the point of withdrawal that he has chosen when ordering. The delivery of the parcel is done by hand, on presentation of a proof of identity and the withdrawal voucher.
    4 / Right of withdrawal
    4.1 / In accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 221-18 and following of the Consumer Code, the Purchaser has a withdrawal period of fourteen (5) working days from the day following receipt of the last product of his order. .
    The Buyer may return, without having to justify any reason or to pay any penalties, except for the return costs which remain at his expense, any item, in a condition allowing its sale (assuming that it is returned in its original packaging and ask for exchange or refund.

    To return one or more Products, the Buyer must contact the Seller by visiting Customer Service online on the Site. The information concerning his order and his payment are accessible in his Customer Area, under the headings “My orders” and “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”.

    By selecting the FAQ “I wish to retract”, the Buyer accesses the internal mail of the Site by which he can send his request for withdrawal to the Seller, which will indicate by return e-mail, the terms of return of the Product.

    The return of a package must be carefully prepared according to the instructions given by the Seller, in particular it must be returned with all accessories delivered (cords, warranties, manuals, software, etc.) in its original packaging and sent to the customer. address of the competent department which has been communicated to the Buyer by the Seller.

    In accordance with the legal provisions, the Seller has fourteen (15) days to reimburse the Buyer, from the date on which he is informed of his decision to retract.

    The Seller may defer repayment until recovery of the goods.

    SOLDE DIRECTE will refund the Buyer on the Seller’s order.

    SOLDE DIRECTE will refund the Buyer via the same payment method used to pay for the order.

    4.2 / It is however expressly recalled that according to the article L. 121-21-8 of the Code of the consumption, except agreement of the Seller, the right of retraction can not be exerted for the contracts:

    • Provision of services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and the execution of which began after the express prior consent of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal;

    • Supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market beyond the control of the trader and likely to occur during the withdrawal period;

    • Supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized;

    • provision of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly;


Nombre maximal de caractères : 5000

  • Supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized;

    • provision of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly;

    • Supply of goods that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and that can not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;

    • Supply of goods which, after being delivered and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles;

    • supply of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is deferred beyond thirty days and whose value agreed at the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market beyond the control of the professional;

    • Provision of audio or video recordings or computer software when they have been unsealed by the Buyer after delivery;

    • Providing a newspaper, periodical or magazine;

    • Provision of digital content not provided on a physical medium whose execution has begun after express prior agreement of the Buyer and express waiver of its right of withdrawal.

    5 / Guarantees
    The warranties, including manufacturer’s warranties, applicable to the Products sold by the Sellers via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace are specified in the offer commentary provided by the Sellers. Please note that some warranties applicable to Products sold by SOLDE DIRECTE will not apply to Products that would be sold by other Professional Sellers. For any question about the warranties relating to the Products offered via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace, the Buyer also has the possibility – before placing an order – to put a question to the Seller using the “Ask a question about this offer” feature.

    6 / Role of SOLDE DIRECTE
    SOLDE DIRECTE intervenes as a simple intermediary linking Sellers and Buyers on SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace, and is not a reseller of the Products offered by the Sellers.

    As such, and in application of the law n ° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy (LCEN), the responsibility of SOLDE DIRECTE can not be committed because of the contents made available on the Site by the Sellers (including prices, descriptions of Products, visual products ….) or Buyers (including evaluation of Sellers by Buyers), unless SOLDE DIRECTE did not make them quickly inaccessible after their wrongfulness has been notified to him under the conditions provided for by the LCEN.

    In addition, the sale of Products via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace intervening only between the Seller and the Buyer, the responsibility of SOLDE DIRECTE can not be engaged under the said sale to which SOLDE DIRECTE is foreign.

    Therefore, any claim must be addressed by the Buyer to the Seller, via its Customer Area, in the sections “my orders” and “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”. The Seller is solely responsible for the processing of claims and after-sales services related to the Products it sells on the Site via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace. SOLDE DIRECTE nevertheless reserves the right to intervene in arbitration if the Seller does not provide a response to a request or settle a dispute opened by the Buyer within 2 business days.

    7 / Personal data

    7.1 / General provisions

    SOLDE DIRECTE is the person in charge of the treatment of the personal data of the Purchasers.

    The information provided by the Purchasers as part of their order via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace are for SOLDE DIRECTE and are used for processing and order tracking, marketing and customer relationship management as well as to meet the legal and regulatory obligations incumbent on SOLDE DIRECTE. Among this information, the information needed to process orders will also be communicated to the appropriate Sellers.

    The information communicated by the Purchasers as part of their order via SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace may be communicated to SOLDE DIRECTE service providers for the purposes of marketing management and customer relations, it being specified that some of these service providers are located outside Africa.

    The data concerning the Purchasers may also be communicated to partners of SOLDE DIRECTE for purposes of non-electronic prospecting, including mailing or telephone. Any Buyer may oppose this communication by mail addressed to: info@soldedirecte.com / PoBox 1003 – Etoa Meki – Yaoundé.

    In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, any Purchaser has at any time a right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him, which he can exercise in writing by mail and by justifying his identity to Solde Directe.com  BP 1003 – Etoa Meki – Yaounde


You can request the refund of the stamp used for the exercise of the rights mentioned above. Just specify it when sending your mail.
The refund will be made on the basis of the slow tariff in force, at the rate of one stamp per envelope.

8 / Nullity
In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use SOLDE DIRECTE Marketplace would be considered illegal or unenforceable by a court decision, the other provisions remain in force.

9 / Applicable law and regulation of different
These general conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute relating thereto shall be submitted to the French courts.