About us

The platform SOLDE DIRECTE, makes available on its site www.soldedirecte.com  (hereinafter the “Site”) a Marketplace called “Solde Directe Marketplace” allowing individuals acting in a personal capacity, as a consumer, and having opened an account on the Site (hereinafter the “Buyers”), to be put in contact with professional sellers, having also opened an account on the Site (hereinafter “Sellers”), for the purpose of purchase new or used products and services (hereinafter the “Products”).

As part of Solde Directe Marketplace, Solde Directe will act as a simple intermediary and host the offers of Products offered by Sellers registered on Solde Directe Marketplace.

SOLDE DIRECTE is in no way reseller of the Products offered by Vendors on  Solde directe Marketplace. The Products sold on Solde directe Marketplace are clearly indicated on the product sheets, either by the mention “Sold by XXX”, with the mention “SELLER PRO” associated with the name of the Seller.

Note: some Products purchased from Sellers may be shipped by DIRECT SALE. The Products concerned will be marked “sold by XXX and shipped by DIRECT SALE”.